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If you currently eat protein or snack bars, be prepared to change the way you think about them forever. The Best Bar Ever is here to redefine the way protein bars SHOULD be made. Since we do things differently, here’s what you need to know about our brand.


The Best Bar Ever was created in response to our frustration with today’s protein bar landscape. Instead of being driven by health and quality, most companies focus on engineering low cost bars with a long shelf life.  To make matters worse, these bars are often marketed with misleading nutritional claims to make you think the product is healthy, when in reality – It’s simply a candy bar in disguise.


In today’s “grab-and-go” society, we realize that convenience doesn’t always correlate with quality. We’re here to change this by eliminating the compromise people make with on-the-go foods. Since we believe in using REAL FOOD ingredients that nourish the body, here are some things that make our bars different.


Most protein bars market themselves as “healthy”, yet are full of fillers, sugar alcohols and other synthetic ingredients.

Not The Best Bar Ever! Packed with at least 15g of protein, our gluten-free bars are handcrafted from a nutritious mix of real food ingredients. This provides you with an ideal blend of quality fats, carbs, and proteins – all in balanced ratios.


Most shelf stable bars are extremely dry, leave an unpleasant chemical aftertaste, or taste like a mouthful of chalk.

Our bars are soft and moist, with a delicious nutty-sweet flavor, and, no bitter aftertaste. Its incredible taste is actually how the bar got its name. “This is the Best Bar Ever” is the most common thing people say after trying it for the first time.


Most companies compromise their bars by engineering them with chemicals and preservatives for maximal shelf life.

We don’t believe in that! Using the refrigerator as our only preservative, we make our bars fresh from scratch.  After all, if a bar can sit on a shelf for years, doesn’t that tell you all you need to know about its ingredients?

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Real Food Bar 65Gram (1 Bar)

$2.50 - $2.99

Real Food Bar 65Gram (box of 12)

$26.99 $35.88